Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photographic competition, join in as a photographer or voter

There are plenty of photographic competitions out there but few worth looking at.  You also have to be careful about reading the terms and conditions as some will take over copyright of your photo.

The photographic competition at Wild Eye not only attracts photographers but the general public as there are prizes for both submitting photos and for guessing the monthly winner.  Some of the prizes up for grabs are definitely worth looking at with products from Clik Elite SA.

I own a Redged Monopod which was bought from Clik Elite SA and it's the only monopod I use.  I was able to meet the designer of the Redged series at the Photo and Film Expo 2011 and that's how I found out about Clik Elite SA.  They have a large selection of photographic accessories and prices seem pretty reasonable.  While looking for a monopod I was told by each stand I visited that I couldn't use just any brand of monopod head with their monopods and they wanted between R700 to R1000 for the head alone.

When I asked the Clik Elite SA stand I was told any monopod head would work with the Redged monopod I had bought.  So I was sold and haven't looked back.

Competition: http://www.wild-eye.co.za/photochat/new-prize-sponsor-and-your-chance-to-predict-the-winner/

Clik Elite SA: http://clikelite.co.za/index.asp

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