Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photomicrography - Photos through a microscope using an SLR

I have always been fascinated with Macro and recently Photomicrography.

What is photomicrography?  I like to basically explain it as taking photos with a camera through a microscope. There are more impressive explanations but that is the most basic way I can explain it.

I bought myself a Konus binocular microscope but can't say the photo adapter is worth buying.  Attaching it to the eyepiece tends to cause some damage and isn't very secure.  I have spoken to Konus about this but it seems there is a language barrier as they didn't seem to understand what I was asking.

But anyway, I tried using the photo adapter as well as setting up the camera with my macro lens pointed at the eyepiece.  Both yielded ok results but my biggest issue is focusing.  With the photo adapter I can't manually focus or use selected focus points. I have to rely on focusing with the microscope.

Without the photo adapter I still have a problem focusing as the camera and lens struggle to find areas of contrast.

Lighting is also a problem but everything takes time, trial and error.  I'm still researching and have a lot to learn but if you want to know more about Photomicrography take a look at this site:

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