Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photoshop Tutorials worth looking at

I'm always searching for Photoshop Tutorials, but preferably ones that aren't all explained via video.

This site is definitely a keeper. I was unable to complete the Alice In Wonderland because I don't seem to have the Warping tool in PSE9. I worked around the other missing tools but this is one I still need to figure out. Still, it's a great tutorial.

The tutorial I did complete, again working around the missing tools was the Assassin with flaming arrow. All the stock and brushes are obtainable through the links provided in the tutorial:

As you can see, my attempt is slightly darker, but overall not too bad for my first try with the Magnetic Lasso. For whatever reason the PSE9 Classroom book didn't cover this. For a quick know how for the Magnetic Lasso tool in PSE9:

I actually find that the Lasso tool is better at removing a background or isolating than the Mask tool, which tends to cause a fringing on the outer edges.

The Alice in Wonderland tutorial, where you need the Warping tool. If anyone gets around this in PSE9, please leave a comment. If I find anything will update.

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