Monday, June 25, 2012

Canon Roadshow JHB Event 2012

On Saturday I went to the Canon Roadshow at The Theatre on the Track in Midrand.  As usual seats are limited and apparently Canon had to turn people away because it was such a popular event.

Roger Machin started off the event discussing new products such as the Canon 5D Mark III.  Able to take both SD and CF cards the 5D Mark III means not losing out on the memory cards you already have.  It also has a 61 point AF system among many other fantastic features.  As I don't have one to play with I can't review it here.

A new lens, dubbed the Pancake Lens, the EF 40mm f/2.8 STM, was revealed as well as the Canon 650D and the Canon 60Da.  I'm particularly interested in the 60Da which is used for Astrophotography.
I can't into further detail about the products as I can't find much info on the net at present but still keep a look out for the above mentioned products.

Two speakers, Richard du Toit and Manus van Dyk, shared their photography views and work.  Richard du Toit showed how a photographer doesn't have to stick to one interest by going from Wildlife Photography to Aerial Photography with brilliant results.

Manus van Dyk spoke about photography in low light and this was perfect timing.  I had already tried to take photos of the stars, as seen in a previous article, and while I was happy with the result it wasn't spectacular.  The discussion gave a few pointers from Manus can Dyk that proved to very useful.

Both speakers were motivational, interesting and hit on points that were important to me.

The event ended off with prize, some seriously great prizes.  I have already won a battery grip specifically for my camera and I never use my camera without it.  Shows that Canon's questions about what camera you use means they pay attention.

Canon says they will be looking at another Roadshow this year.  As Canon will be holding their own expo they will not be taking part in other expos in the future.

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