Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Photoshop and Photography Magazines

I'm someone who wants to read magazines on photoshop and photography that contain projects and tutorials.  I get so bored with magazines that discuss the profiles of photographers and so on.  If those photographers provided a tutorial as part of their profile interview then yeah I would take a look.  But otherwise, I avoid magazines that are more product and photographer previews than project related.

So, below you will find links to magazines I've recently started reading.  They are available digitally via Zinio ( although for South Africa the option of Paypal doesn't seem to be available.

Photoshop Creative:
Tutorials for both CS and PSE users with downloadable content. I did find that in some tutorials instructions weren't that clear but still a great magazine.

Photoplus Magazine:
Aimed specifically at Canon users the magazine contains tutorials as well as how to steps for using your camera.  Some product info included.

50 Photo Projects:
Fast becoming my favourite out of all the magazines mentioned here.  Some projects might appear basic but here I learned how to take a photo of a drop of liquid on a petal and get it right.

Practical Photoshop:
Also an interesting mag for both PSE and CS users.

There are numerous other magazines, each catering for different tastes.  But those above are currently what I'm reading and generally have my nose permanently stuck to the pages.

Also, for camera equipment have a look at CameraQuip (who also run TimeQuip).

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