Saturday, March 16, 2013

Photo & Film Expo 2013 JHB

The date for the Photo & Film Expo 2013 is getting closer.  It is the 5th anniversary of the expo and runs from 31 October 2013 to 3 November 2013 at the Coca Cola Dome.

Canon won't be at the expo but their products will be on show or sale via retail agents.  Canon decided to host their own expo which usually runs at the end of the year but to be honest, doesn't come close to the Photo & Film Expo.  It was Canon's choice but shows poor community support for their fans.

I personally can't wait for the show.  Besides new tech and having the chance to play with camera's, I can't wait to see what specials will be available.  Granted, some stalls don't have what I would call "Show Specials", I have found my camera bags, stands, accessories and more at sometimes half the price in stores.

There are also great competitions.  Last Year Kata Bags, who I'm very, very happy to say finally has a Kata store in South Africa, hosted a fun Quick Draw competition.

Pixmag has a stand where you can buy back issues of the magazine, and hopefully, the latest issue of Pix in the bag.

The Photo & Film Expo provides photo opportunities and encourages visitors to bring their camera's.  Nikon ran a photo competition for the duration of the expo in 2012 where entertainers put on a show allowing visitors to take photos.  People then uploaded their photos for Nikon's competition and the best photo won a great Nikon camera.

I have never missed a Photo & Film Expo and will definitely be there for the 2013 show.

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