Monday, October 7, 2013

Santa Cause for Paws - spoil a shelter animal this Christmas

Christmas is usually a time to celebrate and give to those less fortunate.  But what about shelter animals?  An idea by an animal lover sparked a wonderful organisation called Santa Cause for Paws.

The organisation aims to ask people to help give animals in shelters a treat this Christmas by pledging boxes of goodies and useful things.  If you pledge a box, you can choose whether to pledge just one box or more to either a cat, dog, puppy or kitten.

Keep in mind that for the little ones, you do need to give items specifically designed for them such as puppy and kitten food (and not adult cat or dog food).

Shelter animals don't ask for much, they don't want an iPad, the latest gaming console or games.  As Santa Cause for Paws says "Something warm, something yum, something useful, something fun."

To find out what to put into the box and what is and isn't safe for shelter pets please click on the link provided:

How to pledge a box for a special shelter animal:

Drop off areas (this is currently being updated):

Beneficiaries of the boxes:

The main website:

Facebook page:

Four boxes have been pledged my side :-D.
Please, don't pledge if you don't intend making up a box and dropping it off.  Everyone is working hard to make this something special and they need everyone who pledges to play their part.  Santa Cause for Paws is also working on making drop-off areas in as many places as possible.

From the Facebook Page "Pledging has officially opened. If you are able to donate a box or two, Please visit our website, register and follow the procedure. We do ask that you only pledge if you can commit to dropping off your box(es)  www. santapaws"

UPDATE: Photos are available on the Santa Cause for Paws Facebook page above of the beneficiaries receiving the donations.

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