Sunday, November 24, 2013

Product lighting on a DIY budget

On my wishlist is the Elinchrom D-Lite RX4 to Go 400Ws Wireless Kit as seen here:  But like many photographers it's not within my budget and I'm always looking for DIY ways to create similar lighting that you would get with the more expensive equipment.

Whenever I look at a tutorial the first noticeable thing is the lighting equipment.  Studio lights, softboxes, light stands etc and I usually think "I don't stand a chance".  Then I came across a site of a well known photographer where someone commented on his tutorial and his expensive lighting equipment.

Alex Koloskov took up the challenge and proved what many togs would agree with: it's not the equipment but the photographer that makes the shot.

In the link below, Alex provides a tutorial on using DIY lighting in a similar setup to produce a similar product image as he created here:

DIY Tutorial:

It wasn't expensive equipment that produced the final image, it was Alex's way of thinking, experimentation and understanding of light.  Basically free tools to help you get a better shot.

Here you will find a setup where Alex used Plexiglass to eliminate shadows.

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