Friday, December 13, 2013

Samsung NX300 - Accessories and lenses where to buy

Before I get into the Lens Priority button, I just wanted to make a note about lenses and accessories for the Samsung NX300.  I eventually received my Samsung 30mm (pancake) lens. I won't be using it in Lens Priority Mode as this is the iFN feature and the 30mm doesn't have this feature.

I chose the lens for it's quality, which is said to be better than the later 20mm lens that does have the iFN function.  For this mode I will be using the 18-55mm kit lens.

There was some delay and issues in getting the 30mm lens as well as extra batteries.  In South Africa at present there are only a handful of places that sell these accessories:

SA Camera (where I bought my lens), Orms (where I bought my batteries), Digital Experience, Samsung Stores (but you will most probably have to order first) and very slight possibility of finding accessories in Dion Wired.

Nowhere else could I find the lens or extra batteries.  Camera users know, batteries are a MUST and I found it disappointing that the Samsung Stores (where the camera is sold) do not sell the batteries according to what I was told.

SA Camera was cheaper where the lens was concerned (and they have free shipping until the end of December 2013) but Orms the best price for the batteries incl delivery.  Digital Experience was too far out for me to travel and they only had the batteries in stock.

I will be using the 30mm with other modes and will add to the previous and future postings.  The one thing I do want to mention is that the lens does not have the AF/MF button and in order to use the Manual Focus on the lens, you need to activate it under the camera icon on the camera.  Press the Menu button, go to the camera icon and select AF Mode then select Manual Focus.

DO NOT turn the focus ring before changing the AF Mode to Manual Focus as this can cause problems with the Auto Focus.

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