Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sock It To Me - The fun side of life

No, this isn't a photography related post but will appear to the inner creativity of anyone and everyone, including designers.  Quickly now, read on.

Sock It To Me it was I like to call the fun side of life.  I loathe boring socks and as adults we tend to get the downright snorefest of sock designs.  Sock It To Me does things differently with the idea that we all want some light hearted enjoyment in life while looking hotter than hot in designs that will have you slinging off your shoes and showing off.

Sock designs I dig: Cherry Blossoms, Tree Owl, Clover, Koi Fish, Pocket Watch, Water Lily, Sloth, City Scape, Flying Bonsai, Rainbow Blast, Dragon, Foxy Lady, Toadstool...and that's just to start. Designs for women, men and children so clean out the old sock draw and make space for a fashionable feast!

Keep an eye out for their yearly competitions where designers have a chance to show what they know. Sock It To Me

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