Friday, September 4, 2015

Santa Cause for Paws - something close to my heart

I love animals and there are so are many sanctuaries in need of help.  Santa Cause for Paws was put together by a wonderful group of people with the initiative of trying to help as many animal sanctuaries as possible.  Every year, at Christmas time, requests are made for donations of Christmas boxes for the rescued animals in numerous animal sanctuaries.  Boxes require very basic items, yet very much wanted items by furkids far and wide.

Donations of money is also accepted as this goes to paying vet bills, medication, sterilizations etc.

You can find further info here: http:Santa Cause for Paws.

Every year we try to support at least 4 boxes.  Check what is and isn't allowed, and always keep up to date as to what is needed e.g. some sanctuaries require more boxes for their adult furries than puppies and kittens.  Also take note of what is required specifically for puppies and kittens.

Besides running this amazing drive, many have come together to offer up products which are auctioned off on the Santa Cause for Paw FB page found here: Santa Cause for Paws FB.

So get your work involved, your schools, community etc and if you are unable to help, just share, share, share.  Santa Cause for Paws welcomes and appreciates any and all help.

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