Friday, October 21, 2016

Pledging open for Santa Cause for Paws

Santa Cause for Paws is an initiative where boxes of simple items are pledged and donated to shelter animals.

Every year new beneficiaries are chosen so that various animal sanctuaries have a chance to benefit from much needed donations.  Not only do the items like a can of food, a blanket, something useful etc help make a furry heart happy, it also brings to attention the amount of orphaned animals waiting at shelters for a new family.

Pledging is open so get your school, your workplace, your community involved but remember that when pledging it's also your duty to complete the pledge and drop off the boxes.  There is a huge list of drop off areas to make it easier for you.

If you can't pledge a box, Santa Cause for Paws more than welcomes donations which are used to make up boxes.

For more information on Santa Cause for Paws as well as what is needed in your area go to: Santa Cause For Paws

For a list of what to pack (furry kids require a lot less than human kids) click on your area and click on the What to Pack menu at the top.  Here is an example from the JHB/PTA area:

Optional Staff item is your choice but adding a packet of sweets, or a bottle of cream, anything that can be used by the staff is always highly appreciated. These items are for the staff at the animal sanctuaries as a Thank You for everything they do for the animals.

PLEASE NOTE: pay attention to the right hand side which shows how many boxes are needed for which animals i.e. kitten, puppy, adult dog, adult cat.

People usually buy more for kittens and puppies but the adult animals also need boxes so please consider them as the target for kittens and puppies may already have been filled.

For kittens and puppies, make certain that food and toys are appropriate for the young ones.

For dogs, rather buy biscuits (besides a can of food) than bones or hooves as they make choke on these.

Two things Yum - example, biscuits and a can of food
Something warm - a blanket
Something fun - a toy
Something useful - example a bowl, a leash, flea powder, shampoo, pet brush etc
Optional staff item - example, biscuits, clothes, tea, sweets etc

Follow them on Facebook where auctions are run to raise money for sterilization of animals in locations etc and where you can view the handing over of donations to the various sanctuaries - Santa Cause for Paws

Make a pledge and make a furry heart happy this Christmas!

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