Thursday, May 18, 2017

Samsung cameras, going going gone?

There was a rumour that Samsung would be leaving the camera market and selling their design to another manufacturer.  Whether or not this is true I have noticed the absence of Samsung cameras and lenses on the market.

I was trying to find out the price of the Samsung 60mm macro but couldn't find one single supplier in South Africa.  Contacting Samsung didn't help as they directed me to a service center who told me to contact Samsung.  Fun eh?

So it would seem that in South Africa Samsung cameras and lenses are no longer available, unless you can find them secondhand.

Anywho, I can't think of what else I can discuss or experiment regarding the Samsung NX300 (although I would have LOVED the 60mm macro lens) so if you have anything you want me to check out drop me a message below.

Sad though, it's a pretty good camera.  Here a link to more info about Samsung and whether or not they have really pulled their camera and lenses off the market: Digitaltrends


  1. Hello!
    I just found your post today and find it very helpful especially shooting in program mode.
    Ive been having problems lately shooting in auto. When shooting in auto I get a message saying not to move that the photo is processing and this seems to take forever to go through this process and then the picture comes out blurry. Do you have any idea what's wrong?
    Please if you have the latest information about Samsung getting out of the camera business and selling off to someone else please let me know and thank you for your informative post.

  2. Hi thanks for looking. Quick question, are you in Smart Auto Mode (Auto icon) or Smart Mode (S icon)? Also what are you lighting conditions i.e. are you shooting in low light?

  3. Oh, concerning Samsung availability, in South Africa I can't find a single lens but overseas there seems to still be product available of the Samsung NX range. So I can't really say what is happening with Samsung but I do know that when I tried to sell my camera and lenses, no one wanted to buy.